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Plastisol is the traditional screen printing ink. It has excellent coverage on a wide variety of fabrics, many options for special effects, & comes in a huge array of colors.


Discharge printing uses a chemical process to bleach out the color of the garment only where the design is printed. It’s soft, especially the discharge base which is indistinguishable from the shirt itself. It also gives the print a vintage feel because it takes the sheen out of plastisol.


A difficult process if you’re planning on printing multiple colors, due to the flash drying process. It’s best to keep designs at 1-3 colors and each color should be able to move 1/8 to 1/4 inch in any direction without detracting from the design.


Water-based inks are perfect for the soft hand feel that many consumers want today. Color-matching is a real challenge and almost impossible.


CMYK screen printing, also called 4-color process, is an acronym for cyan, magenta, yellow, & black that significantly reduces the cost of printing full color. CMYK screen prints are composed of halftones set at different angles so that they blend optically to create a wide range of colors.


If you’re planning on printing multiple colors, digital printing is a great option to max out on unlimited colors. It’s best to keep designs at 12×12 inches to avoid losing hi resolution quality from the design.

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